Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Closeness of Friends Abroad - An AW Chain Post

That's right, it's time for another AbsoluteWrite chain post. Before me, Cath was talking a little about culture clash, about how it feels for a foreigner to suddenly be immersed in a different culture, with lots of different traditions.

I have my personal story when it comes to cultures and traditions. For those who might not know, I live in Peru, which for many might be an exotic place. Well, add to that a very close, very special friend of mine on the other side of the planet, and my view of the world increases exponentially.

Two years ago (was it two?) I was in a vaery similar community called My Writer Buddy where I met a real special member called Bhaswati, but who everyone called by her nick, Sury (Suryamukhi = sunflower). Sury is from India by the way. I didn't share much with her at the beginning, other than a "how do you do?". It all change when I made a crit on one story she wrote, one I really liked. From then on we started to chat. I recall back when I worked at the office, I used to spend lunch time before the computer chatting with her for one hour. And we had so much to share, about food, religion, transportation, different local traditions. She'd talk about Durga Puja and Indian deities and I'd talk about local ingredients, rituals, etc.

Today we are the best of friends, and I dare to say our view of the world is a bit bigger. We've shared everything from pictures to national anthems and we are inseparable, even from opposite ends of the world. Who could have thought that I'd run into this very special person who lives in such an exotic country and that we'd become the best of friends? It's always a mystery the things life keeps under it's sleeve for us. Bhalo Theko, Sury! This post is for you ;) .

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